Wedding Gallery Wedding Gallery 74563449 74563454 74563460 74563461 74563489 74563496 74563498 74563471 74563458 74563470 74563463 74563481 74563482 74563504 74563480 74563493 74563451 74563452 74563466 74563507 74563476 74563477 74563490 74563491 74563495 Table Cards with names White /cream embossing strip on left side with red rose and black satin bow. 74563486 Black and white invitations with red rose White/cream embossed metallic paper on white card with red rose and black satin bow. 74563497 Gold white and red invitation Gold metallic paper on white card with red rose and white organza ribbon. 74563478 Green and cream invitations Cream embossing on soft green card with roses. Middle card with handmade cream paper. 74563468 Side veiw of cream paper cut and pasted insert 74563453 Inside of inviattion with details printed on cream paper in silver coloured ink. 74563467 Side veiw of cut and pasted white paper insert Cut and pasted insert on white paper with details printed in gold coloured ink. 74563500 Pink and white invitation Pink mulberry paper strip on white card with cream/white rose and white organza bow. 74563499 Pink and white invitation White/cream metallic embossed strip on white card with handpainted pink rose and pink organza bow. 74563509 Black and white invitation Black metallic side strip on white card with red rose and gold organza strip. 74563510 Place cards Black metallic card with handpainted yellow rose. 74563503 Place cards Silver metalic side strip with small red paper rose on white card. 74563501 Blue butterfly invitations thank you card table card and place card Blue metallic paper strip on white card with handmade blue butterfly. 74563462 DLE black and white invitation Black metallic card with white star flowers handpainted with yellow centers. Raffia ties. 74563456 Black and gold invitations with burgundy calla Metallic black card with gold embossed horizontal strip. Burgundy calla with black satin bow. 74563469 Gold and brown invitations 74563465 Personalised insert Insert with ceremony details which is cut and pasted into the center of the card. 74563479 Gold invitation with white calla Gold card with brown horizontal embossing. White calla with gold organza bow. 74563506 Petal paper invitation and RSVP card Petal paper on white card with gold string and white silk flower with pearl center. Matching RSVP with printed photo of the card embellishment in top right corner. 74563473 Silver white and black invitation Silver embossed metallic paper on white card with black outer flower and white star flower. 74563475 Black and white invitation with hot pink star flower with matching place card. Black embossed metallic paper on white card silver outer flower with hot pink handpainted star flower. 74563505 Brown and gold invitation with orange star flower Brown embossed paper on gold card with gold outer flower and handpainted orange star flower. 74563511 147135238 Gold invitations with gold tag Gold embossed metallic paper on white card with gold tag and handpainted gold star flower. 74563472 Gold fushia mint coloured invitations A few samples of the different colours available for most of the designs shown. 74563512 Bronze invitation Bronze metallic paper on white card with bronze tag and white star flower. 74563513 Red gerbera invitation Black embossed metallic paper on white card with attached printed gerbera andsilver 3D heart. 74563484 Frangipani invitations and RSVP postcards Quality white card with printed frangipani flower. 74563464 Thank you cards Frangipani thank you cards. 74563494 Frangipani table cards White card with metallic strip on left foam frangipani and numerals. 74563492 Engagement or Wedding invitation DLE Postcard with silver embossing and frangipani print. 74563508 Use your own painting or photo for the invitation. In this invitation the groom provided a picture he had painted to be used for the wedding stationery. 74563502 74563514 74566791 147135244 147135235 DLE luxury invitations 147135236 147135237 C6 invitation standard design Use the basic design of these cards to work out your unique design. Change colours, embossing type, flowers and ribbon to match your wedding colours. 147135239 147135240 147135241 147135242 147135243 DLE 3 fold invitation Soft green textured card with embossed metallic paper strips to 2 sides, 2 small roses and organza gold bow. 147342338 DLE Save the Date card Soft green textured card with small rose and magnetic strip on back. To match DLE invitations. Matching RSVP cards available. 147342337 DLE invitation Metallic blue card with cream embossed strip, transparent overlay, cream rose and gold bow. 177619158 DLE Folder invitation Gold folder with map of destination and information for wedding guests, timeline, boarding pass and menu enclosed. 177619285 200686361 200686362 200686363 200686364 200686365 200686366 200686367 200686368 200686369 200686370 200686371 200686372 200686373 200686374 200686375 200686376 200686377 200686378 200686379 200686380 200686381 200686382 200686383 200686384 200686385 200686386